Bu’ul is the Mayan word used to name the field’s beans, which have been for centuries, along with corn, Mexico’s culinary base. Corn and bean, fruits of the earth, are the basis and inspiration for Jorge Vallejo’s culinary. Bu’ul, a luxury restaurant in the Riviera Maya, serves contemporary Mexican seasonal cuisine, created with fresh ingredients from central and southern Mexico, with emphasis on local and organic products. Bu’ul, the specialty restaurant in the Riviera Maya, works with local fishermen and producers to obtain vegetables, seafood and many ingredients of the day and region, to form a freestyle menu, which changes with the seasons and uses the best selection from local catch of the day.

To be in Bu’ul is to enjoy a cosmopolitan space, with one of the most spectacular wine cellars of the Mayan Riviera and, perhaps, of the world. Luxury is understood as an integral experience, in which exquisite cuisine is complemented by the comfort of the living room, the beauty and serenity of the surroundings, provoking joy that touches and transforms the soul.